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H Power Power Press

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JW31-500 Máquina de prensa de potencia mecánica de tipo H



JW31-500 Mechanical H Type Power Press Machine


JW31 H frame single crank power press is applicable to light, thin material, for single, and progressive die application in blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink with ROT line or transfer unit. High rigidity frame, applications suitable for various kinds of stamping works. The press capacity is from 160ton to 630ton. Slide guide 8 faces for higher precision.

  • Steel welded body, tempering treatment, high rigidity, accuracy and stability.

  • Cross located crankshaft, compact structure.

  • The crankshaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching.

  • The crankshaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching.

  • PLC control and imported safety dual valve.
  • Pneumatic dual balance cylinder, which balances the slide block and ounch weight to reduce noise and impact.
  • Wet clutch and hydraulic overload protected pump.
  • Both auto grease lubrication system and manual thin oil lubrication system.
Nominal CapacityPeKN5000
Slide Strokesmm250
Slide Stroke SpeedFixednspm20
Max. Die Shut HeightH2mm650
Die Shut Height Adjustmenttmm120
Side Window SizeF-BEmm1000
Distance Between UprightsGmm1650
Table SizeF-BDmm1000
Table Hole Diameter
Slide Bottom SizeF-Bbmm950
Table Surface HeightH1mm1225
Overall DimensionsF-BAmm3100
Motor Power



H Frame Body With Rigitdity

JW31 straight side press machine uses a strong H frame body.The press body is steel weldedwith high quality steel plates by carbon dioxide arc welding. After welding, all the weld seams must pass the examination of ultrasonic inspection. The top transmission gearbox is tested by oil bath to avoid any oil leak.

Wet Type Pneumatic Clutch and Brake

Wet type pneumatic clutch with imported clutch disc.NOK seals, lower noise and maintenance cost, longer service life.Press with pneumatic wet clutch can work as continuous, inches or single stroke. more choices for operators.

PLC control system
Siemens Motor

 Schneider/Siemens Electric Parts

JH21-125 C Frame Pneumatic Press Machine

Adopt to sheet metal punching , cutting, bending, drawing,stamping,blanking and forging process

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